Parental Controls

Install Parental Control Software

Most all computers have a built-in parental control system which will allow you to block certain websites to keep your child safe. However, if you do not have this built in software or simply want something more protective, you can purchase parental control software online that can be easily installed on your computer.

Each piece of software will have their own set of protection ranging from basic to more advanced versions, so make sure you do plenty of in-depth research before making your purchase.

Also, please inform your child when you install the security software on the computer. It is important to build trust with your teen so they know they can come to you if an online attack occurs, so hiding your security software may make them think they can’t come to you with their problems.

Inform your teen that the parental control software is being installed to simply keep them protected from the dangers of the internet. Tell them you are not trying to spy on them and only have their safety in mind.

Put the Computer Somewhere Easily Visible

One of the most important things to consider when allowing your child on the internet is to ensure the computer is located in a very visible location so you can monitor them. Placing it in such locations as the living room, kitchen, or family room is a wonderful idea as you can keep an eye on them without having to sit right next to them throughout their entire internet visit.

Never place a computer in a child’s bedroom. Having the computer in a secluded area like this can leave them open to a predator without your knowledge. This also secludes the child from the rest of the family, which can cause more problems later on down the road.

You may also want to monitor their history at the end of the day. Again, this isn’t spying, but until they’re old enough to know about internet safety, they may not know that some of the websites they come across are dangerous. If you happen to see a dangerous website on the history, gently let them know the site is risky and not to visit it again.

Install Parental Control Apps on Your Child’s Phone

Internet safety doesn’t stop at the computer. Nowadays, the internet is readily accessible on smartphones and tablets, which makes it much harder to keep your child secure.

If you are worried about your child’s activities using their cell phone, the easiest way to keep track is with a parental control app installed on both phones. These phone apps will allow you to monitor the internet activity on your child’s phone and allow you to block certain websites you do not want them to visit.

More advanced apps have even more in-depth features, some of them allowing you access to a child’s phone logs and even tracking them with a GPS system.

As with the parental controls on the computer, make sure you inform your child that you are installing this app on their phone. Again, this is to build trust and let them know that you are not being a prying parent, you are simply trying to keep them safe while they do their internet activities on their smartphone.