Set Limitations

Limit the Amount of Time Your Child is On the Internet

Spending too much time on the internet is a bad idea for young children for a multitude of reason: it is bad for their physical health, they spend less time with friends which can create social issues, and most importantly, more time on the internet allows more room for an internet predator to get a hold of your child.

Limiting the amount of time your child uses the internet is essential to their safety. After school and homework is done, allow a time slot of 1 to 2 hours where they are able to chat with friends or play games online while you are monitoring them.

Cell phone time should also be limited to avoid any potential dangers.

Limit the Time of Day Your Child Has Access to the Internet

Much like the amount of time on the internet is important to limit, so is the time of day. Internet use should be during the daytime only, never at night- especially if access during the night is extended.

While it is possible for a predator to try and groom your kids during the daytime, it is much more likely to happen at night. For this reason, make sure your child doesn’t have access to the internet during the night hours. This is especially important when it comes to cell phone use. Phones should be taken before bedtime, as your child may sneak around with their phone while in bed.